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Agronomic Solutions

Casa Verde Golf – Agronomic Solutions

Adding to an already diverse suite of services, Casa Verde Golf now offers a range of contracted, or “outsourced” agronomic solutions to turf managers nationwide.  Some of these services include; linear soil decompaction, fraze mowing, root pruning, aerification (both hollow and solid tine), sand injection, drainage, laser leveling, etc.

  • Used commonly on all soil types to reverse the effects of cart traffic, poor water quality, lack of aerobic conditions, etc.
  • Increases aerobic nature of the soils resulting in long-lasting benefits with minimal overall disruption to the playing surface.
  • Improves turf quality long into the season, which allows the turf to withstand the rigors of the summer weather and stress.
  • Can be used on fairways and roughs and all heavily compacted drive-on and drive-off areas around the golf course.
  1. $2500 per day
  2. $400 per acre for jobs larger than 15 acres
  3. Larger projects discounts may be available
  • Fraze mowing has gained significant popularity recently be adding options to traditional turf levelling.
  • Fraze mowing is popular for all levelling operations, dethatching, poa management, sod prepping, and resurfacing.
  • Frazemowing has also gained popularity for summer de-thatching due to the “no-prep” over seeding practices adopted over recent years (when a heavy de-thatching occurred typically)
  • Fraze mowing can occur at a variety of depths, which can limit the downtime/closure required following this procedure.
  1. $2500 per day
  2. Larger project discounts may be available; please call 480-400-1196 for pricing.
  • Root pruning is an invaluable tool for turf managers everywhere. As roots encroach into unwanted areas, this is a quick and effective way of removing roots with minimal disturbance.
  • Roots that encroach into unwanted areas strip those areas of valuable nutrients and water usually resulting in turf loss or degradation.
  • While removing unwanted roots, the added benefit of linear decompaction occurs in these often overlooked areas.
  1. $3000 per day
  • If you have managed turf… you understand that aerification is absolutely essential for maintaining a healthy rootzone.
  • Casa Verde Golf offers a selection of options for your aerification ranging from simply punching the hole to full turn-key aerification service (punch hole, clean-up, top-dress, etc.)
  • Casa Verde Golf has invested in a fleet of Toro ProCoreaerifiers. We believe that these are the most effective and efficient machines available in the industry today.
  • We have the capacity to perform both hollow tine or solid tine aerification on premium surfaces.
  • Our aerification services can be performed alongside your existing aerification efforts and teams, or we can perform this service in a more turn-key manner that does not take your labor resources away from the golf course.
  1. $1000 per acre (punching the holes only)
  2. Prices to be negotiated for turn-key service.
  • Similar to greens aerification, fairway aerification is vital for all turf managers.
  • Casa Verde Golf has the ability to come to your property as a fully self-sufficient aerification expert, or to simply augment your existing team and efforts to expedite the process.
  • Let Casa Verde Golf improve your soils through with our aerification services.
  1. $325 per acre for basic fairway aerification
  2. Large area discounts to be negotiated (more than 25 acres)
  • Lots of golf courses have those areas that get overrun and out of control
  • Casa Verde Golf has heavy-duty brush hogs that can knock these areas down to allow you to gain control over these areas, or perhaps convert them into natural areas as part of your property’s environmental program.
  1. $650 per acre
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